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Some words about me

For the past several years of my life, I worked in the restaurant, food & service and costumer care businesses. This gave me the opportunity of meeting and working with some amazing people, from chefs to sommeliers, to cheese makers and wine producers, restaurant owners and managers, historians, archeologists, artists and the list could very well go on – and they all taught me something new either about food making, wine tasting, Roman history and plenty more. 

Having all of these contacts and experiences, I can organize pretty much anything:

  • Food and wine tours;
  • Day tours around the city exploring the most famous Roman venues in one day;
  • Day tours outside of the city, visiting local vineyards
  • A day at the beach in local favorite destinations

  • Theme parks for children
  • Pet friendly tours – take your furry friend on a Roman holiday, it’s a very pet friendly place!
  • Anything else…

How did everything start?

While handling tourism related activities such as tasting tours, I realized what a big, confusing world lies out there. Talking to a few people visiting Rome, I got an insight on the struggles one faces trying to plan the dream vacation, the stress it implies not to mention the risks of falling into one of those infamous “tourist traps”.

That is how I decided I shall try to change all of that; I shall put my love for Rome and Italy in general, together with my care for the wellbeing of others, into one complete service: to guide, assist, advise, organize, help you create your dream vacation. Or simply offer you a fun yet educational evening, why not?

I wanted to create the most sincere and friendly tourist service out there. It’s more than just a business, it’s a mission. And my mission is your happiness and wellbeing, creating beautiful memories together!

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Romanian

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